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12-15 November 2021


Greek Association of Food Technologists workshop

The industry’s modern challenges were presented at the PAFT workshop

The Panhellenic Association of Food Technologists has organized a significant reflection, information and training workshop that was held at the Business Lab seminar room, in Hall 2.

With its constant support to modern food professionals, always acting as a scientific guide to the people of the industry, the Panhellenic Association of Food Technologists seals with its scientific validity the 16th ARTOZA, with a significant workshop entitled “Bakery-Confectionery: new trends & modern challenges”. The workshop tackled the request for salt reduction in bakery products which has become an increasing concern of the professionals and the scientific community. Acryla-mide, and the ways to reduce it, a subject that has been strongly touched upon by the international scientific and general Press, was another topic of the workshop, which also addressed the matter of Sweeteners that can replace sugar, as well as the international food security challenges and the Halal certification for Bakery & Confectionery products. Finally, the sourdough and the magic of fermentation was another one of the basic topics that were addressed in the workshop.

Ioannis Smarnakis, Food Technologist – Factory & Product Development Director at Lavdas SA confectionery products during his speech "Sweeteners that can replace sugar in bakeries and pastry shops".

All the speakers who have been selected by the Panhellenic Association of Food Technologists are of high scientific repute, have a significant experience in their field and have all held positions of responsibility. Mr. Ioannis Smarnakis, Food Technologist, president of the Panhellenic Association of Food Technologists, and Factory & Product Development Director at Lavdas SA confectionery products; Mr. Michalis Orestidis, VP of the Panhellenic Association of Food Technologists and scientific associate of the A-Z magazine; Mrs Eleni Chaliori, Food Technologist; Mrs. Eleftheria Kapoli, Food Technologist from Lesaffre Hellas; Mrs. Claire Micheaux, Western Europe innovation coordinator of Lesaffre International; Mr. George Margaritopoulos, CEO at Halal Quality Control; Dr Ioannis Stoitsis, CEO at FoodAkai were some of the speakers featured in the program of the workshop. The event closed with a roundtable discussion and questions on the matters raised by the speakers.

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