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12-15 November 2021


Business Lab

Setting the foundation for a healthy business

The business lab that was set up at the 16th ARTOZA was a unique educational event, thanks to the plethora of seminars and lectures, the focus of which was the proper and profitable operation of a business in the sector.

Knowledge and information are the most essential equipment for a professional who is looking for the best for his business. Thus, he can see the prospects in order to do the right next steps with the smallest possible risk. The hundreds of visitors that attended the Business Lab have had the opportunity to get acquainted through seminars full of useful information on all business-related fields: from economic and organizational issues to their digital upgrading. The instructors were experienced specialists who made sure to pass on their knowledge winning thus the applause of their audience.

Left: Stavros Kontaktsis from Giraffes in the Kitchen, Right: Thanasis Kapelis and Ioanna Arsinopoulou from Web stamp

The sector’s experts analyzed hot topics

Among the speeches that stood out was the one from Giannis Zisimatos, CEO of Zisimatos Seminars & Management on how sale prices are set, when do we sell at a profit and how we negotiate with suppliers. How someone can reach out to the new generation of consumers that conducts most of its purchases online, was the main theme analyzed by Lefteris Kioses, CEO at the Research Institute of Retail Consumer Goods. The key area of ​​staff training was discussed by the economist and sociologist Leonidas Billis, PhD while Panagiotis Nikas (training officer at Barista Academy) shared his knowledge on how to set up the coffee-serving post and analyzed all the little secrets relating to the proper operation of the equipment. And these were just some indicative issues from those developed!

A day dedicated to the digital... side of business

Confectionery and bakery shops can’t be absent from the digital era. So, it was deemed appropriate to dedicate a whole day on the digital part of a business to cover the whole range of issues. Among other things, Viki Vamiedaki (CV Communications) attracted everybody’s interest with an introduction of Pastry and bakery shops to the digital age, followed by Angelos Konstantopoulos (Think Plus) who focused on e-shops. Christos Keramidas (Reprise Digital) and Stavros Kontaktsis (Giraffes in the Kitchen) elaborated on social media and especially, Facebook and Instagram. Technology is changing, developments are running fast and, undoubtedly, until the next ARTOZA there will be many new data to analyze. Until then, those who paid proper attention gained a remarkable lead!

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